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FTP Procedure


Please follow the below procedure to upload the contents using filezilla software.

Download Link :

Once you download filezilla install it in your local system.

[1] Open Filezilla.

[2] Click on File >> Site Manager

[3] Click on New Site option

[4] Supply the following details

Host : or serverip address

port : 21

server type : FTP-File Transfer Protocol

Logon Type : Normal

User : your ftp user name

password : your ftp password

[5] Click on connect

[6] Now you should be able to view the local system in left side and server in the right side

[7] You can now start uploading the contents in your httpdocs directory.


* If you have changed the name server recently,you can give the server ip instead of ftp.domainname to upload the contents.

* For security reason we request you to set the ftp password very tough which consist of alphanumeric characters.

* You should upload the contents under httpdocs folder only.

* For subdomain in plesk 10,you can upload the contents under the directory which you have created in the plesk.

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